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Josh & Mallorie Evoniuk

Family Owned & Operated Small Business


Josh Evoniuk

I was born in Concord, California. My late and talented father, Tim Evoniuk, began a large, high-end hard surface flooring company in the SF Bay area and continued to successfully run the same well into my late teenage years. It was then that he chose to retire from the trades and opened Silverfork Grill in Kyburz, California with me, before passing away a few years later. The hands-on experience, construction knowledge and unique skills I gained throughout my youth, which included a wide array of construction projects from building 3,000 track homes, installing flooring on every level of the Transamerica Building in San Francisco, as well as working for professional athletes and famous musicians, shaped me into the leader, contractor and artist that I am today. After meeting my wife and relocating our family to the Pacific Northwest in 2013, we created and built Evergreen Horizon, LLC from the ground up. Since that time, we have dedicated ourselves to the success of this business and are very appreciative of all of our customers, both new and returning, for choosing Evergreen Horizon, LLC as your preferred and trusted General Contractor. Thank you. 

Mallorie Evoniuk

I was born and raised in Monterey Bay, California. In 2003, I relocated to Sacramento, California where I attended CSU Sacramento, majoring in Government and International Relations. In 2010, I met my husband, Josh Evoniuk, who I cannot say enough amazing things about! He is an honorable, compassionate and gifted soul, who most would feel lucky to know. In 2013, Josh and I agreed that it was time to start a new adventure for the betterment of our little family, particularly for our then 2-year old son. We wanted to raise him in an area with beautiful open spaces, good schools and abundant opportunity. Without ever visiting, we chose to relocate to the Pacific Northwest and immediately began chasing our own version of the "American Dream." Looking back, I can say with a full heart that moving to this beautiful slice of Heaven was the most incredible decision of our lives. We are blessed to be immersed in the local community, both personally and professionally. Currently, I am the managing member of Evergreen Horizon, LLC and am a licensed real estate agent with Kelly Right Real Estate. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am excited to work with you!

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